MineCart: A Performing Arts Incubator

Welcome to MineCart, an experiment in social entrepreneurship and an incubator for some of Atlanta's most compelling, boundary-breaking performing artists and their creations.

Jo Peace in Onur Topal Sumer's "RESIST"

Photo by John Ramspott

Currently in the MineCart

Crossover Movement Arts is at work on "Journey to the Underbridge," an Art on the Atlanta BeltLine performance scheduled for Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

me.you.us.we.them is at work in the studio developing several new works, both at MineCart and at the new Metropolitan Studios.

MineCart is co-presenting "Holding Pattern," a sculpture by U.K.-based George King Architects, currently on display along the Atlanta BeltLine under the Freedom Parkway overpass. The installation was made possible through a grant from Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Thomas Bell is at work on the next iteration of "Golden Positions," a dance inspired by avant garde filmmaker and poet James Broughton.

Learn more about the creations currently and recently under development at the MineCart…

Dig What We're Doing?

Dig what MineCart is doing? Enjoy the performances MineCart-supported artists unearth? Help us do more through a donation of cash, time, or stuff from our wish list. Thanks!

Photo by Joy Peace

Photo manipulation by Susanna Green

More About the MineCart

MineCart is an experiment in social entrepreneurship and an incubator for boundary-stretching performing artists creating new work, currently housed at the Arts Exchange.

MineCart provides technical assistance, grant-writing support, marketing guidance, business consulting, moral support, giddy enthusiasm, prop and costume storage, and a ragtag rehearsal space at the Arts Exchange to artists who fire up our imagination. We provide this support for dirt cheap on a "pay what you can" basis.

MineCart also incubates, produces, and presents its own works, most recently a dance tribute to avant garde filmmaker and poet James Broughton on the 100th anniversary of his birthday.

That "social entrepreneurship" part… MineCart is not a non-profit organization. We hope to one day make some modest profit, much of which will be folded back into the company to amplify our ability to support great artists. For now, that profit is merely speculative. Heck, even breaking even is still a speculative ambition. It's an experiment. Maybe it will work. Maybe we'll have to revise our plans or draw what lessons we can from a failure before moving on to a better idea. But for now, we're having a great time being a part of bringing to life some works that have our heads tingling.

MineCart is a project of Thomas Bell, former dance journalist, current dancer and dance-maker, and long-time supporter of the Atlanta dance community.

Want to Create Here?

Do you have a new creation burning a hole through the soles of your shoes? Do you think MineCart — our rehearsal space, our expertise, our energy — could help you dig up this dance, this play, this performance art piece, this work that won’t sit content in any particular container?


For now, MineCart’s process is an informal one. Get in touch. Tell us what has you fired up, what you want to create. Excite us. Then let’s see what we can work out.

Crossover Movement Arts developing "When We Were Seven"

Get In Touch

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